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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:03 pm    Post subject: They Call Me Superseven Full Movie Free Download

They Call Me Superseven Full Movie Free Download

The evil T.H.E.Y. organization is out to stop ex T.H.E.M. agent, Sandra West. Can Superseven thwart Their, (T.H.E.Y.'s) master plan?
They Call Me Superseven is an action, comedy, spy movie that features the masked, crimson avenger and his beautiful , lethal and reluctant partner, Sandra West (A loose cannon and former agent of T.H.E.M.), and his brilliant engineer & inventor, Sparky, as they battle villains, femme fatale, monsters, robots, invading aliens, henchmen, assassins and criminal masterminds bent on world domination and destruction! A fond homage to the spy movies and TV shows of the 1960's.
THEY CALL ME SUPERSEVEN is another film that's nothing like it sounds. It turns out to be some cosplay spoof of the superhero genre, with one guy dressing up as the Phantom in a natty red shade and walking around a bunch of sound stages while various other characters make jokes and try so hard to be funny. I found it a real bore and nothing more than a chore to sit through, as aside from a few conversations absolutely nothing happens here and there's no action of any kind. It's a dud.
Miss this at your peril! It's a cross between the 60's Man from Uncle and Batman, with huge dollops of humour, blatant spoofing and glamorous sexy spies. One of the most enjoyable and funniest things I have seen in a long, long time. Pure escapist entertainment. My personal favourite is a send-up of the excellent 'The Prisoner' from the late 60's, the only thing it is missing is Patrick McGoohan. Scott Rhodes, with his years of experience in movies, television and music-video making, really pulls out all the stops behind the scenes and gives the whole production a glossy, expensive feel, which is amazing considering the limited budget this series was shot on. If this isn't in your DVD collection, then you haven't lived.


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